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From its beginning as a restaurant in 1935, “Casa Consuelo” has been growing in capacity and trying to improve the quality of its gastronomic offer, but always faithful to the classic cooking, using the best products from the sea and the earth of Asturias and elaborating it with care and dedication. This way, Consuelo Lopez and Ramos Garcia’s creation gives its name to one of today’s best known road restaurants in Spain, with its two dinning room named “Consuelo” and “Severo Ochoa” with capacity of 90 and 60 diner guests respectively. It has been several awards such as “The Golden Bean”, “The bronze capercailzie Centro Asturiano de Madrid”, “the Principality of Asturias”, “The ladle to the good marine stew”, awarded by “The good sea table association”. In its wine cellars lie over 12.000 bottles of wine, some of which are excellent vintage from 1925 to our days.
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Some of our specialities:
Starters Stews Fishes Meats Desserts
Duck foie-gras Small green beans with shellfish Hake with elves Entrecot in “cabrales” sauce Rice pudding
Octopus with vegetables Asturias"Fabada" Grilled fish Beef T-bone steak Almond cake
House scrambled eggs Asturias "Stew" Fish in cider sauce Stuffed partridge Nougat ice-cream
      Roast wild boar Apple tart
        Cheese cake
In its display cabinet lie a large number of bottles of wine which are unique, some of them from the XIX Th Century. “Casa Consuelo” is willing to exchange bottles of vintage wine to extend and complete its collection as well as to help you extend and complete yours.
El Salón Consuelo
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El Salón Severo Ochoa
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